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Upcycled vintage patchwork fisherman's wrap skirt


Our hugely popular Soul Vibration patchwork skirts have been reinvented!!  This latest incarnation is as a one size fits all wrap skirt.  If you're familiar with fisherman's pants, you won't be able to go past this!  

I have worn mine solidly for two weeks and just love it!!!! >> the last photo shown, is me wearing mine, to give an idea how how fabulous they look.

The patchwork is comprised of mostly upcycled fabric: vintage, clothing, batik, but may also include new designer fabric that will make your soul sing...  and whatever else feels and looks nice.  All skirts created are an inspired one of a kind.

The pocket on this particular skirt are cut from a beautiful fringed East Timor woven textile.

Skirts have a tie sewn to the back of the skirt, which you wrap around the front and tie over the folds of the skirt.  If you aren't familiar with the tying motion, watch this handy video!

These skirts are designed as a one-size-fits-all, but please do check the measurements below, to ensure a good fit.  For the right look, we need an overlap across the front of the body. The waist/hip measurement (depends where you'll wear it - for me, low waist) provided has taken this overlap into consideration.  

Waist/hip max: 45" / 114cm

Length, once folded: 24.5" / 62cm

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